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What to Expect from ADR Ohio Mediation Services?
Mediation can be a voluntary, collaborative and guided process for resolving disputes.

A neutral facilitator can assist two or more parties to identify the real issues, discuss acceptable solutions, overcome barriers and reach mutually acceptable solutions.

A Mediation session provides an opportunity to explore issues, concerns, perspectives and individual interests. In contrast, heated debates and emotional arguments during ongoing disputes often mask the real problems and the conflict continues and escalates.

Michael Lynch is a skilled and certified mediator with experience in providing a process for all involved parties to address issues, interests, options and solutions. Michael will meet individually with the parties to gain deeper insight into the situation, then Michael will bring the parties together for a facilitated dialogue with clear steps towards resolution. The parties in the dispute personally participate and represent their own perspectives in a non-threatening setting. Expect to spend a minimum of (3)three hours committed to the Mediation session.

A Mediation is confidential, does not require attorneys, and is non-binding unless the parties voluntarily agree to a resolution. Resolutions can be documented in a written statement of understanding. Of course, either party can bring attorneys or other professionals if they desire to assist in the process.